Accounting and Management Information Systems

These include:

  1. Development and implementation of accounting and management information systems which embody:
    • Ascertaining the information required by all levels of management for purpose of planning and control.
    • Designing and installing an information system that would meet the requirements indicated in (i) above.
    • Advising on the methods, criteria for determining performance.
    • Advising on the methods, procedures and means of improving general accounting systems and procedures to ensure that statutory and management requirements are met at minimum cost.
    • Developing accounts procedure manuals and coding systems.
    • Advising on the setting up of internal audit functions and developing audit procedures guide and programme.
  2. Financial planning and budgetary control which include:
    • Developing procedures for the forecasting and control of cash flow.
    • Establishing sound credit control and collection of framework which will ensure that working capital requirements and bad debts are reduced.
    • Designing and implementing budgetary control systems.
    • Covering sales, costs, profits, and working capital and introducing procedures for the costing of products, services and other activities for purposes of cost estimating. planning, measurement and control.
    • Introducing procedures for the planning authorisation and control¬†of capital expenditure and criteria for evaluating such proposals.
  3. Electronic Data Processing (EDP) which include:
    • Computer feasibility and application studies
    • Equipment and software selection and installation
    • Operating and control procedures
    • Review and improvement of existing installations
    • Advising on the organisation and management services of EDP departments.
  4. Project Management Services which incorporate:
    • Project planning, co-ordination and control.
    • Preparation of over-all network programme.
    • Design and installation and staffing programme.
  5. The design and implementations of stock and overhead cost control system.
  6. Financial investigations and accountants’ reports in support of financial proposals.
  7. The provisions of accounting services for small companies such as writing up of books and records and extracting financial statements and other thereon for management.